March 29, 2023

In order to look your best, you need to know how to style according to your body type. Luckily, there are several ways you can accomplish this. Here’s a quick guide for body types that can help you along the way to flaunt the body that you have like no one else!

Does your body define you? Style it according to your body type and look great doing it!

Well, there’s nothing like a fabulous makeover (and back rub, too!). You might be wondering what the heck “style” means and how exactly can you style according to your body type. Let me tell you; it’s not as hard as some of us may think! When I say style, I don’t mean just a design trick in Photoshop or similar; I mean something about how you wear clothes. And for me, that something is an attention-grabbing combination of colors, patterns, and textures that will catch the eyes of all who see it. Believe me, when I say this, no one will ever forget your colorful outfit!

Steps to Style Outfits:

A style outfit is a well-defined way to present yourself in a particular situation. However, it is not an automatic skill that can be picked up with the help of books or guides alone. It requires a lot of time and effort to master this technique and get comfortable with using it. Follow the following step to find a perfect style type for you:

Determine your body shape first:

The body shape is the first thing that your apparel manufacturer and tailor will notice when they look at you. That is why it is vital to have a reliable way of determining your body shape. This can be done by a simple measuring device you wear on your people, such as a waist belt or belt clip, or inch tapes. Notice if you have a pear body shape, pear, hourglass, or coke. Remember, our bodies change during our lifetime. Therefore, you might need to update your body shape to accommodate yourself with the latest fashion.

Know your weight and height:

It’s always good to know how much your body weighs and how tall you are. This is because a person’s body shape is an essential factor in choosing a style. For example: if you are tall, you can go for vertical and horizontal stripes. But, if you are short, it’s best to stick to the vertical stripes only. It will give the illusion of a taller body and even make you look a few kgs less in weight.

Choose colors that fit your body type:

Many people have a body type that is either too slim or too fat for their liking. This is a problem because the primary purpose of clothing changes from function to fashion and from season to season. The color preferences could be adjusted according to the body type. With a heavier weight, it’s best to go for a darker color, while with a skinny body neutral colors will look best.

Choose a perfect fit.

The fashion world is ever-changing. Every other day you see new styles and fit in fashion. For example, Loose fits have been quite the headline. Loose-fit outfits are a savior to a skinny girl who wants to look a few pounds extra without dietary or gym efforts!

Body type is an integral part of your personality. If you’re short and plump, you need short clothes. If you’re tall but not so fat, you’d like to fill in the big gap with a bigger skirt. Since it comes down to your body type, how do we get it right? It doesn’t matter if it’s the best way to look or if what we’ve done is entirely wrong; there are now several tools that can do this for us. But should we go and purchase them all? Or are there better ways more suitable for our needs? Join me as I guide you through my own experience as a woman of different body types and share some of the tools I picked up, along with my tips about which one suits me best and works for me.

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